Learning: Everybody's Project has the goal of gathering ideas and input from every corner of New Brunswick. We want to know what you think about learning and how we can shape a learning society in our province. We want you to participate through online questionnaires, public forums that will be scheduled in various communities or simply by providing your thoughts through email.

We are using a citizen-led engagement approach to ensure that all New Brunswickers have the opportunity to be involved in the development and delivery of the action plan that will emerge. Citizen engagement differs from public consultation in that it shares the responsibility for planning, design and the delivery of the initiative with individuals, community organizations, as well as the business and government sectors.

Outline of Project

Sponsored by Roundtable NB 2026, this citizen engagement initiative is aimed at engaging New Brunswickers on the topic of our learning culture. The objective of the project is to engage New Brunswickers in a collaborative and deliberative process to identify what form our `culture of learning' takes, collectively articulate learning as a core value of our province and mobilize all parties around the resulting consensus. New Brunswickers will be invited to participate in a public discussion on the value of learning at all stages of life, the roles of government, community, family and individuals in nurturing a learning society, and the actions that can be taken collectively to actively embrace and pursue a learning culture.

A citizen engagement approach will be taken to ensure involvement of New Brunswickers from all walks of life in the development and implementation of an action plan. Special emphasis will be given to including those citizens who are marginalized and thus who normally might not participate in such an exercise. Citizen engagement differs from public consultation in that it shares the responsibility for planning, design and implementation of the initiative amongst individual citizens, community organizations, and the business and government sectors.

Statement of those who are to benefit

All of society benefits from citizens who value learning at all stages of life. Learning introduces new ideas and philosophies which in turn stimulates intellectual thinking, enhances creativity, and increases understanding and respect for others. Learning also enhances quality of life by increasing the ability of citizens to participate more fully in society. With the increasingly knowledge-based, technology driven labour market, learning is critical to both job acquisition and retention. And learning plays an important role in maintaining physical and mental health of seniors.


To make a cultural shift so that learning at all stages of life is valued highly by all citizens and to mobilize that consensus.


An action plan that articulates a clear vision for learning in our province and the specific actions that will position New Brunswickers for success in the 21st century will be adopted at a Provincial Forum by a representative group of citizen leaders in Fall 2012.

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